Friday, March 14, 2008

For anyone who still reads this...

I moved my blog. I feel safe posting the new link here, now, as it has been enough time.

Check out my new blog! I won't be posting here anymore...and feel free to update your links on your sidebars...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fred Thompson...

My dear friend Laura said this far better than I could, so check out Laura's "endorsement" of Fred Thompson here. I'm going to start campaigning for Fred, grassroots style. :)

Go Fred!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hillary's Modest Proposal...

Sometimes you almost feel sorry for her... :) Come on, Hil...really?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lesa's Guide to the California Primary Election...

Part I: Propositions...

As many of you have asked me for voting advice for February 5th, I thought I'd provide some information.

As always, we have several Propositions on the ballot this time around, and here's what one of my political heroes, Senator Tom McClintock, has to say about them:

Prop. 91 -- Transportation Funding Protection: YES!
"This measure flatly prohibits Sacramento from raiding our highway taxes to paper over their budget deficits. When a watered-down version of Prop. 91 was adopted by the legislature, its sponsors dropped this measure after it qualified. Nevertheless, if you want to genuinely protect our transportation taxes from being raided, Prop 91 is the Real McCoy."

Prop. 92 -- Guaranteed Funding for Community Colleges: NO!
"This can best be described as a Prop. 98 for community colleges – guaranteeing them a growing level of funding from the state’s tax revenues regardless of their actual attendance, their performance or the state’s fiscal condition and priorities. If you like straight-jackets, you’ll love Prop. 92."

Prop. 93 -- Term Limits: NEUTRAL.
"Current term limits are a maximum of 14 years in the legislature: six in the Assembly and eight in the Senate – which is why you see so much office-hopping. Prop. 93 reduces the maximum to 12 years in the legislature, but allows them to be served in the same house. Since I’ve only served eight years in the Senate, Prop. 93 would give me one final term; if it fails I must retire this year. Because I have a conflict of interest, I’m staying out if it."

Propositions 94-97 --Indian Gaming Compacts: YES!
"These propositions ratify the compacts that allow four tribes to expand their casinos. I’m not a gambler, but it’s none of government’s business how people spend their money. I’m tired of government restrictions on enterprise, and I’m tired of government telling us what we can and can’t do. And our economy desperately needs the new jobs and investment."

Because Tom is someone I highly respect, and because we agree on these issues (and most issues) I figured I'd just post what he had to say. :)

Part II: Candidates

As for the presidential part of the primary...I am going to vote for Fred Thompson...I'm not really enamored with any of the candidates, but I see a great potential in read about Tom McClintock's view on Fred, click here. Tom is serving as Fred's California chairman.

To see where Fred stands on the issues, click here.

My endorsement for the presidential nomination only applies to those who are registered Republicans, as you can only vote within your registered party in the primaries. If you are not a Republican, I have one recommendation: NO HILLARY. :)

Hopefully that helps you, for now...if you have additional questions, please ask! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Reason to LEAVE California...

I was recently reminded of this bill signed by Governor Arnold...and I am just trying to remain calm. I cannot believe that he (or anyone) would sign such a piece of crap into law! I just don't understand why it's okay for reverse discrimination to occur, but we can't have anything that might possibly offend someone.

Read the article to see what I'm talking about...I'm kinda frustrated. :)